Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Worms Eye View

One day I found myself as tiny as a worm,
So small that I wasn't seen by the world.
I looked up and froze,
I was dwarfed by a rose.
I scrolled for a while,
And was tired, as if I walked a mile.
Still tired I walked down,
And found a beautiful town.
Instead of busy people,I found
Many bees buzzing around.
There were creatures, big and tall,
Some were even small,
Some were witty,
And some were gritty.
This was a happy place after all.
After a while I saw a furious frog,
And all the children around started to sob.
Scared I closed my eyes and ran around,
Opened my eyes and found myself safe and sound.
I soon discovered that I was on my bed ,
And everything I saw was in my head!!!!