Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blank sheets of paper..

Friends and buddies, Chats and laughter;
The pace of the world fast and faster.
Photos, groups, hugs and kisses;
Pearls and stones, high Mr and Mrs.
Class, manners and conceiving fake smiles;
The stormy peril, beneath it lies.
The world with its false colours, unreal;
Though together never near.
Select few in this fear wrapped.
To us, alone, on my own is apt.
A pen, blank notebook, and endless words
are our companions. Maybe absurd,
But true; to ourselves,and to everything else.
Not social you say, but I prefer being myself.
My world white and colourless it may seem
but your eyes are not keen enough to see
the truth. The blank pages of life are
to be painted by us. Painting afar,
We live a lie. Wouldn't ask you to change,no.
This much I will say though
I prefer blank sheets of paper and I
cannot, will not live a lie....

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