Monday, 1 April 2013


The sun did slide down the evening sky
And did the full moon rise up high
Through the sky did it spread it's sparkling glow,
Around us a mesmerizing wave did flow.
The river water was as though it was flowing pearls
Up and down went the waves forming curls.
The waves crackled, the insects called, the winds whispered,
A melodious orchestra was what was heard.
The cloud soft sand smoothly surrendered under my feet,
Among which were pebbles which gave my feet a beat.
Leaving behind my foot steps, I moved higher,
Yonder was the hot burning bonfire
Like angels did the burning golden ashes rise high up to the heaven,
Contributing to the Great Bear to have more stars than just seven.
The vast cloudless sky was studded with diamonds and gold,
Which humbled people even those who were bold.
Mesmerized and enthused by nature's best around me,
I closed my eyes and went to sleep.
Till today when bored by the city's monotonous sight,
I close my eyes and find myself back there and remember the Unforgettable Night.