Tuesday, 27 August 2013

                                              - in 90 lines

( Note: The Harry Potter series has to be seen to understand this poem. The poem has humor in between but no offence to the harry potter fans. )
Let me tell you a story,
about a wizard boy named Harry.
It is my favorite one,
dedicated to the people who are always on a run.
For they have no time,
presenting the story in short, with words that are mine. 

It was when dementors were in charge,
long ago evil lord Voldemort was at large.
Once when the sky was filled with with many a star,
the lord slayed Harry's parents and gave him a lighting scar.
He lived with the Dudleys till he was eleven,
till last came Hagrid to take him to a place as beautiful as heaven.

taking a train from the station nine and a three- fourth,
to the school of witch craft and wizardry, Hogwards he rode.
There he made friends easily, 
with Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasely.
The school headmaster was Albus Dumbeldore.
Harry choose to be in the house of Gryffindore.

He got selected by Mcgonagall, for Quidditch
and made his house win by catching the snitch.
Draco Malfoy couldn't see him win,
he too got his name in.
Voldemort used Quirrell for he couldn't stand on this own.
Albus destroyed the Philosipher's stone.

Next year harry missed the train, for someone had closed the gate.
Hogwarts, he reached late.
Messing around in the class got him punished.
he heard a noise of a snake that hissed.
Ron's wand was broken.
Oh no! Ginny Weasly was taken.

Harry had to rescue her,
but there's a giant snake in the secretive chamber.
The snakes fang in the middle,
destroyed the diary of Tom Riddle.
I've hardly seen them study in their class,
yet each year they pass.

In the third year, Sirius Black escapes from Askaban.
The ministry doesn't do what it can.
Professor Lupin is a wolf, Pettigrew a rat?
Sirius a hound and Mcgonagall a cat?
Harry is the one Sirius is after,
who turns out to be Harry's godfather?

They use time travel to save Buckbeak and him
and have to be back before the light gets dim.
Granger gives Draco a punch,
and gives Buckbeak some lunch?
You didn't get the third year, did you?
Yes it made my head twirl too.

The fourth year comes with the triwizard tournament
and with the view of underwater ships and flying horses out of the vent.
Harry comes face to face with dragons and golden eggs,
with underwater hunts, mermaids and frog -like- legs,
with changing mazes, furious pants and things of that sort,
with dark and misty places, graveyard and yes, Voldemort.

The lord's and Potter's wands clashed,
shouted Voldemort," you'll sure be mashed!"
the fight left Cedric Diggory dead,
in a graveyard! What a perfect place to meet ones death.
With a mourn did the fourth year end.
Though it was an interesting year, the one that just went.

Dementors welcomed Harry to his fifth year.
Dumbledore didn't give his words an ear.
Albus was forced to leave the school.
Dolores Umbridge took over to rule.
Harry formed Dumblrdore's army for self defence,
for the conditions around were tense.

This made Umbridge burn in furry.
Harry and his friends broke into the ministry.
Then there again was a wand war,
Just over one magic crystal ball?
Into the death's dark hole did Sirius fall.
Wasn't it a weird year after all?

The sixth one started with the dark mark in the sky,
and with the death eaters moving low and high.
This was when Harry found out,
what Horcruxes are all about.
Voldemort had split his soul,
into seven parts of a whole.

With a new professor teaching the potion,
Severus Snape held the defense against the dark arts position.
but Draco let the death eaters in,
over Albus Dumbledore they had a win.
Snape the Half blood Prince had killed him,
The year ended with the shadow of the grim.

Then came an endless struggle between good and bad.
When enough of this fight Harry had,
one last time did the lord's and his wands clash.
Then Voldemort was finished in a flash.
This was all about the story which I mentioned to be my favorite one,
Which ends with a ' lived happily ever after' like any other one.


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